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Business law and counseling


Business Ownership

In the excitement of setting up or expanding a business, clients often forget that “the devil is in the details.” The process itself involves important decisions, beginning with the choice of entity. The business form you select influences your tax status, relationships with partners and employees, and issues of personal liability. Choose an attorney who knows the local political and economic landscape as well as the relevant law.



Shareholder/Member Agreements

Shareholder/partnership/member/buy-sell agreements are created to anticipate and deal with unpleasant realities such as disability and death. In the case of such an eventuality, the agreement will spell out who gets what and when. Without such agreements, businesses are at the mercy of chance.



Choice of Entity

Each form of business ownership has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important when choosing a legal entity for your business to consider not just today’s situation, but also, how you plan to grow the business. What kind of expansion plans do you have? Will you consider merging or acquiring companies? Will you have investors or partners? Your attorney will work with you to select the best legal entity for today and tomorrow.



Ongoing Counseling

Your attorney should be involved in ongoing planning to grow your business effectively and efficiently. There are agreements to review, contracts to draft with management and vendors, and daily guidance regarding management issues.

By including your attorney on your management team, you add the advantage of experienced counsel who can help you anticipate pitfalls and maximize opportunities. The client has the choice to be more or less involved in decision-making.