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Community Associations


Residential Democracy

Cooperatives, condominiums and homeowner associations are similar in that owners have management responsibilities over all or part of the property, yet different in terms of the legal rules and the responsibilities that apply to each. These associations have boards comprised of property owners elected to make complex-wide decisions.



Lawyer as Transfer Agent

People are always on the move. In condos, the lawyer facilitates the transfer of legal documents from sellers to buyers. In cooperatives, lawyers ensure that stock and proprietary leases are properly cancelled, new shares issued and the corporation is properly protected throughout the process. Again, an experienced lawyer can guide board members and play a vital role as an objective participant in controversial discussions.





Lawyer as Legal Counsel

A knowledgeable attorney can often be the continuing influence for volunteer boards as well as a calming influence, able to take the emotion out of heated arguments and offer an objective point of view. The lawyer drafts, negotiates and reviews contracts ranging from ownership documents to vendor agreements, collects arrearages and helps the board avoid or minimize litigious situations. To be effective, a good attorney will be skilled at working with boards in all of these areas. Having served on several such boards, Bob knows how to view a situation from both the management and legal perspective.


For example: A condo used two contractors in order to get a $2 million roofing and siding project completed. In a fee dispute over the work, the first contractor filed a mechanic’s lien against the condo. Bob knew this was an illegal action in New York State. He was able to get the lien removed immediately, thereby saving the condo from contentious and potentially costly litigation.