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Real Estate Transactions, Leasing and Finance


The Issue

Real estate investments are typically the most significant, often the largest, investments of a person’s life whether it is a home, factory or retail store. Optimally, you should consult with an attorney as soon as you decide to buy, sell or lease a property. In this way you can plan properly and avoid problems that occur then the client is unaware of the ramifications of decisions made at each stage of the process. Choose an experienced attorney who knows the players as well as the law; someone who can help you maximize your investment.




Bob reviews, drafts and modifies leases for commercial and residential real estate. He pays close attention to detail to make sure that the terms of the lease suit the client’s requirements and needs.


For example: a not-for-profit client fell in love with a beautiful space, but it lacked a sprinkler system, a local zoning requirement for public meeting spaces. As the group planned to hold public meetings they could have been closed down for violating the ordinance.




We work with buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords and commercial tenants. Each person in a transaction comes to it with a different perspective and different goals. Having worked on all sides of the equation, Bob knows how to analyze each situation in order to protect the client as they move toward their ultimate goal. You want more than a legal expert – you want a transaction counselor.




Especially when financing a transaction, a client needs a lawyer who counsels many clients as to the myriad of available options, a “repeat player” who knows the rules and the people involved, as well as the applicable law. Bob makes sure to read the fine print in legal documents and explains the details to his clients clearly so they understand their choices. He then negotiates the best deal possible on their behalf.


For example: A friend, who was closing on a new house the next day, asked Bob to look at the documents because they didn’t seem quite right. Bob looked at the documents and found that the septic system was too old and too small for the house as it was currently configured. There was also no CO for the second floor addition. He cancelled the closing and negotiated on his friend’s behalf for the next six months. The result: a new septic system, a new CO and a seven percent reduction in the price of the house.