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Property Tax Assessment Reduction (Tax Certiorari)


Whom Should You Use?

Have you received brightly colored postcards or flyers offering to reduce your real estate taxes by challenging your property tax assessment as higher than the market value of your property? Typically these come from “postcard consultants” who are not attorneys. Why does this matter? An attorney can provide greater value when he knows the specifics of the law and is prepared to go to court to see justice done. The implicit threat of litigation is often an important weapon in an attorney’s arsenal.



Quote From Bob

“Many tax certiorari consultants charge more and provide less... I don’t. An initial consultation is free. My fee for residential matters, typically resolved within one year, is 50% of the first year’s savings. For most commercial cases, my legal fee is the same as the industry standard – a one-third contingency fee.”




Tax Assessment Reduction – How it Works

When you use an attorney to challenge your tax assessment, he treats you like the individual you are, analyzing each case on its own. [“Postcard consultants” often batch cases by geographical area.] The attorney is skilled at working the statutorily-driven process which consists of very tight, irrevocable deadlines and complex forms. One missed deadline or incorrectly filled out form and the client needs to wait another year and begin the process again. By working the system correctly, the attorney often saves the client thousands of dollars.


For example: When a 300 unit cooperative in Westchester County thought their tax assessment was too high they retained Bob to handle the case. As a result of his efforts, the cooperative’s property taxes were reduced by 28% and they received a tax refund in excess of $800,000. In a residential case, a client in Scarsdale had their tax assessment reduced by 25% saving them over $20,000 annually.